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It’s a common scenario to transfer data between 2 applications on a regular basis, e.g sending Purchase Order data from a web application to another. This article introduces a few common ways of data transfer between 2 web applications.

API Payload

If the data is small and immediate response is required, the easiest way is using a API.

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Celery is a great and simple Task Queueing system for Python. It allows you to offload heavy tasks to another server and run it asynchronously. It can also run periodic tasks too. It’s also surprisingly easy to setup with AWS Simple Queue Service(if your app is hosted with AWS).

Why would you need a queueing system?

I have been looking for a task queueing system for primarily 2 scenarios

  1. Upload files to AWS S3 in the background, without affecting frontend user experience. The upload task could take seconds, and there could be high demand in frontend. …

I have been a PHP developer(and fan) for a decade. It formed my perspective on what a programming language should be. Now I’m joining the Python camp and here are my reasons.

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Neat Code

How many times do you have to rub your eyes and look closer to match the ending brackets of statements?

function hello($arg) { if ($arg) { if ($arg === 'hello') { print('world')…

If you ever googled how to recursively find records with Postgres SQL, for example, traversing a tree stored in a table, you will find ALL suggestions point you to Postgres Recursive Query with Common Table Expressions (CTE).

AWS CloudFront is a CDN
AWS CloudFront is a CDN

AWS CloudFront is a CDN web service to distribute your static content via its edge locations to speed up the content delivery. Many companies have a requirement to deliver a mix of private and public content from their S3 bucket, however I find AWS guide isn’t very clear on that. I’m writing this article to share a few tips I've learned.

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